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The luxury apartments and chalets are full of charm.

Comfort is second to none, warmth and happiness in an internationally renowned mountain village with an exceptional ski area that you will not find anywhere else.

In the heart of the sublime resorts of Haute-Savoie, the residence is located in a very beautiful domain at an altitude of more than 1850m, in a space where you can dive into magical mountain scenery… At the foot of the slopes or in the forest we offer magnificent chalets that will make you dream. The start of the downhill or cross-country ski slopes with departure and return on skis in winter. The departure of many hikes in winter and summer and also possible in the massif at altitude.

Les résidences de luxe et de grand standing (4 star rating) consists of many rooms and apartments/chalets to buy or rent.  Spread throughout the resort, you can settle where you feel most comfortable in chalets built in the traditional style of the country.

Winter or summer, for your ski or hiking holidays, we offer all types of apartments from 2 rooms (2/4 people) 35m2 with 1 room to 6 rooms (10/12 people) 127m2 with 5 rooms and 2 apartments for people with reduced mobility so that everything can access them.

The chalets are sublime

For many years I have been fascinated by these great houses and have fallen in love with them, which blend into the magnificent setting of the mountains through the fir trees. 

The luxury and comfort that are becoming more and more comfortable in the chalets make me melt because it allows the priorities to feel completely at home. Luxury and not just any luxury because all your dreams are achievable. Indeed, luxury no longer has any limit in these chalets, it is possible to install a heated swimming pool in your chalet at an altitude of more than 1500m, it allows you to relax after a skiing, sledging or walking session and it is very enjoyable. If you want to relax your muscles and body by warming yourself up, the architects also install saunas, hammams and spas etc. which is just my dream. 

As I told you, when designing, the primary objective is the comfort of the future inhabitants. That’s why everything that is possible and imaginable in terms of comfort and set up in the chalets. 

Apart from the comfort and luxury of the chalets, it is impossible not to mention the place where the chalets are made. 

The luxury cottages we build are located in mountain villages and they become an incomparable charm. As a cottage builder in Haute-Savoie, we did not choose this location by chance, it is just that we are passionate about the mountains and more particularly about this region which has a magical panoramic view. The mountain villages are also very cute, you can find many shops for children, adults, men, women etc… with many luxury shops. If you love to have fun, you can enjoy the cinema, cultural spaces and helicopter rides in the mountains and discover what the real mountain is like. 


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