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Why build a wooden chalet in Combloux?

Why Combloux?

Combloux is a small town located more precisely in the department of Haute-Savoie.
Many local events are held in this region throughout the year such as festivals, flea markets, concerts, theaters ..
You can also go hiking.
Reside in a natural place such as Combloux is a real asset. The mountain air is very pleasant, which allows me to relax during winter and summer holidays.
This city offers unique views of the Beaufortain Massif, Avaris and the majestic Mont Blanc, ideal for celebrating Christmas with the family!
She obtained the label “classified tourist station”.

Why build a cottage?

By choosing to build a wooden chalet, you choose to offer a quality of life that is relatively prestigious and unique.
Comfort and well-being, wood has everything to seduce you
especially as construction times are extremely fast.
We can start by building a small cottage and then expand it over time without constraints to add all kinds of fun such as the installation of a steam room, sauna ..

The aesthetics of the wooden chalets are not the least! From the small chalet to the pretty cottage, all styles are quite pleasant thanks to the material used which makes it an atypical accommodation.

The chalets offer beautiful exterior features that make it the charm: large terraces, balconies that offer panoramas and a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc.
Building a wooden chalet in Combloux allows you to combine nature and healthy lifestyle in the sense that you live in a natural environment, breast, warm and good life.

In more this chalet is going to be your new home, your new eden. The most important is that the idea of liberty, specific of the mountain.

Material used, citizen act

Wood is a very high performance acoustic insulation, superior to concrete, resulting in energy savings of up to 50%.
A wooden cottage is a breast cottage that does not know the humidity. Its structure allows ventilation and the wood absorbs excess condensation.
By choosing the Wood you make a citizen act.
The massive use of wood in the construction of a luxury woooden chalet in France could fulfill 15% of the French goal of reducing CO2 emissions, the main cause of the greenhouse effect.


If you need any information about the construction of the chalet, don’t scared to contact me for any question about my thinking about your future project or just on the different type of chalet.



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